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My goal for RelenTech is to provide small, easy-to-use software to the public. My emphasis is on practicality and performance, not eye-catching graphics, or useless functions. Most of my software performs just as well, and in some cases, better, than most 'commercial' programs that provide the same services. RelenTech software uses barely any system resources, even when doing CPU-intensive operations, so there is never a problem with system 'freezes'.

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Social Fixer - Customize Facebook YOUR way!

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Social Fixer - Customize Facebook YOUR way!

Post by relentlesstech on Fri May 03, 2013 10:35 pm


Facebook tool that makes life so much easier!

Allows you to customize almost every aspect of Facebook's graphical interface, and literally hundreds of other functions you'll never know how you went without!

Available for ALL major browsers.

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