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How To Root: Motorola Moto X

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How To Root: Motorola Moto X

Post by relentlesstech on Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:38 pm

Rooting Tutorial For The Motorola Moto X (Windows Tutorial)

NOTE: This will void your warranty, like all root exploits. Use this at your own risk. Do not take 'over-the-air' (OTA) updates on rooted devices unless you know what you are doing, as it may cause a bootloop or a soft brick ...


1. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) -- [ Download ]

2. Cydia Impactor -- [ Download ]

3. RockMyMoto -- [ Download ]

4. Telnet
Telnet is included with all Windows versions, but is disabled by default - To enable the telnet client perform the following steps:

    Open Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On/Off
    Scroll down to 'Telnet Client', tick the checkbox, and click OK



First step is to install Cydia Impactor (This is required!). You will also need Android Debug Bridge (ADB) installed and working, and be comfortable with the command prompt. Your phone must be on the same network as your PC.

1. Figure out the IP address of your phone:
adb shell getprop dhcp.wlan0.ipaddress

2. Unpack RockMyMoto-{version}.zip and push the exploit and su to /sdcard/:
adb push su /sdcard/
adb push RockMyMoto.jar /sdcard/

3. Run Impactor, and select # start telnetd as system on port 2222, then hit Start.

4. Once the process is complete, run telnet:
telnet {your phone's IP address} 2222

5. Run the exploit through telnet:
dalvikvm -cp /sdcard/RockMyMoto.jar RockMyMoto

The exploit will tell you to use ADB to reboot:
adb reboot

Run the exploit through telnet for the second time, it will reboot on it's own:
dalvikvm -cp /sdcard/RockMyMoto.jar RockMyMoto

Run the exploit through telnet for the third time, it will not reboot:
dalvikvm -cp /sdcard/RockMyMoto.jar RockMyMoto

Wait 60 seconds for final permissions to activate, then install SuperSu from the Android Market.


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