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My goal for RelenTech is to provide small, easy-to-use software to the public. My emphasis is on practicality and performance, not eye-catching graphics, or useless functions. Most of my software performs just as well, and in some cases, better, than most 'commercial' programs that provide the same services. RelenTech software uses barely any system resources, even when doing CPU-intensive operations, so there is never a problem with system 'freezes'.

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QuickClean 2015 v1.0.1

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QuickClean 2015 v1.0.1

Post by relentlesstech on Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:46 pm

Newest release needs a few testers!  This version includes these functions:

Temp file and folder remover
Temp internet files
Recent list
Flash cache
IE cache
Firefox cache
Google cache
Internet speed tweak
Taskbar thumbnail preview speedup
Disable Aero 'Snap'
Add 'Copy to' to right-click menu
Add 'Send to' to right-click menu
Add 'Open with notepad' to right-click menu
Add 'Defrag' to right-click menu
Add 'Take ownership' to right-click menu
Backup/restory registry
Delete prefetch files
Delete History
Delete cookies
Clear form data
Delete saved passwords
Empty recycle bin
Empty directory remover
Process manager
IP renewer
Restart Windows explorer
Restart PC
Display CPU load
Display memory usage (Main and virtual)

Click here to download!

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